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Yan Yongping
English name: GAN ENG PENG
Ngan Yong Ping joined AHAM Asset Management Limited ("AHAM Capital") as Head of Equities in April 2008 and has over 20 years of experience in regional and local equity investments, corporate finance and business management. His strong-willed, bottom-up approach to stock picking, which emphasizes strong business models, quality management and the need to generate annual revenue, has earned him a broad following within the industry.
He is known for articulating his investment philosophy clearly and concisely. He is a portfolio manager for AHAM Capital's world-class Select Asia Quantum Fund, a small-cap Asian equity strategy, as well as the firm's first flagship fund, the Select Opportunity Fund. His previous role as senior director of equities focused on sourcing new ideas in addition to portfolio management responsibilities. Prior to joining the firm, Gan was Head of Equity Investments at Pacific Mutual Fund Berhad, where he led an experienced fund management team. Gan is fully responsible for all of its funds. His responsibilities include responsibility for the performance of all equity funds. Research initiatives and provide marketing support.
Gan graduated from the London School of Economics, UK, with a BSc (Industrial and Business Economics) (1992).

Success as a trader has everythingto do with your ability to:

1. Find stocks which have the highest probability of profiting

2. Understand how to read the Market Data

3. Change your mindset and your trading to the NEW way the market moves!

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6. What can I learn at college

7. Learning includes various stock selection ideas, trading strategies and investment concepts. Have the confidence and knowledge to trade every day.

8. How to avoid stock market risks and expand investment returns.

9. Our goal: to build Yan Yongping into a first-class financial institution so that all investors who lose money can find a safe haven.

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Has a record of 40 times earnings Funds to judge, so as to obtain the main attack time Self-created \Trend theory - gold wheel\, through the trend to look at the market trend, using the classic technique of \trend is king\ is very profitable. Founder of Trend Theory

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Tiger 21 Trading Strategy

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